Recently I was fortunate enough to shoot the poster for Adele - Short Film. The image was shot on Kodak Portra 400 35mm film with a Canon EOS 1V and 50 L 1.2. It's a great film so keep an eye on their page for updates on screenings. I have included the poster below along with a selection of outtakes from the shoot that you can view by clicking 'continue reading.'

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To get through film school I worked as an usher at a beautiful old cinema in Brisbane called The Regent. When it was quiet (which was most of the time) I would sneak up into the projection booth and hang out with the projectionists and watch them thread the projectors with film. Seeing this process really made me fall in love with film – the clatter of the machines, the flickering light – the projection booth was a magical place. So when Avatar came along and ended the film projection industry I was pretty bummed. Over the years that followed the Regent shut down and film projection slowly disappeared and with it I think we lost a lot of the magic that went along with going to the movies. The Christmas before last I was at home in Forster and was surprised to notice they were still projecting with film. I spoke to the projectionist after the movie and asked if I could interview him and film some shots of the projector. It just so happened that it was their last week before they changed over to digital projection at which point he was out of a job so he agreed to let me film and this is the result. I hope you enjoy the film - I’m happy I was able to make a record of this beautiful process before it disappeared.

THE LAST PROJECTIONIST from Danny McShane on Vimeo.


Here's a short video portrait I directed, filmed and edited on my brother Mike McShane. I know I'm biased but Mike is one of the most talented / imaginative / inspiring / and just plain awesome people I've ever met and I'm so happy he is finally getting his work out there. The video was filmed over a few days earlier this year in Forster, NSW, Australia and was shot on a Canon 7D and a Canon 1014 Super 8 camera. All of the artworks are by Mike and if you like them you can check out more of his amazing work on his website or his facebook page. Hope you like the film!


New Notification: YOU'RE DEAD! So here it is guys - After a decent run on the film festival circuit Friend Request is finally online! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it! Huge thanks to all the amazing people that were involved in the project. Underneath the film I have included some photos from the shoot taken by yours truly as well as my good friend Chris Karageorgiou. If you like the film share it with your friends on Facebook but be careful or you might become the star of Jeremiah Kane's next film... : ) FRIEND REQUEST from Danny McShane on Vimeo. Continue reading


I directed a film for the BRISBANE 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT this year. The brief was we had to make a PERIOD FILM with a character named THE FOX that's a PICKPOCKET and we had to include a CORK SCREW as a prop as well as the line of dialogue - "MY DOCTOR SAYS I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT" The film we came up with can be viewed below. It screened Friday 4th May at Birch Carroll and Coyle Myer Centre and won The Audience Choice Award as well the award for Best Production Design.

PERIODS from Danny McShane on Vimeo.

Two best friends play a video game called "Periods" to determine who has shotgun over their attractive new housemate.