Here's a new music video I've been working on for Georgia Mae for her new track Time with you. This one was a lot of fun to make and was shot entirely on film - The image sequences were shot on a variety of 35mm film stocks with my Canon EOS 1VHS stills camera and the super 8 sequences were shot on my Canon 1014 Super 8 camera. I have posted the clip below along with a selection of some of the photos taken during the shoot that you can view if you click ‘continue reading’ – hope you like them : )

GEORGIA MAE - TIME WITH YOU from Danny McShane on Vimeo.

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I was recently commissioned by Griffith University and to create a live music video and a short documentary style video portrait on a Gold Coast musician by the name of Aquila Young. For the documentary the brief was to make a creative portrait of Aquila that captures her essence as an artist whilst also showcasing the Gold Coast as a unique tourist destination. Aquila and I chose to run with the theme of light and dark which is a theme that runs through all Aquila Young's music. To showcase the Gold Coast in a way that wasn't cliched I decided to film at iconic Gold Coast locations but at unusual times so that these spaces commonly used to promote the Gold Coast can be seen in a different light. To capture the theme of light and dark I decided to film in black and white and use high contrast light and shadow to visually tell Aquila's story. With the live video the only guideline was that it had to be filmed in an iconic Gold Coast location so we chose the Gold Coast Arts Centre. Both projects were a lot of fun to work on and it was a great experience capturing Aquila in such beautiful settings. I have included both videos below along with a few 35mm film photos I shot during the filming. VIDEO PORTRAIT AQUILA YOUNG - LIGHT AND DARK from Danny McShane on Vimeo. LIVE MUSIC VIDEO AQUILA YOUNG - VAGABOND LIVE from Danny McShane on Vimeo.


Over the past few months I've been working with Dan Sugars Audio and Brisbane shredders Trojan Horse. Check out the fruits below: THE TROJAN HORSE SESSIONS from Danny McShane on Vimeo. TROJAN HORSE - SUPERMINX from Danny McShane on Vimeo.   Continue reading


A music video I shot entirely on Super 8 film for the Brisbane Jazz band Trichotomy TRICHOTOMY - STROM from Danny McShane on Vimeo. The clip was shot over two days at various locations around south east Queensland. Over the two days I also shot the following stills on Kodak Portra 160 35mm and 120 film with my trusty Canon EOS 1VHS and Mamiya 645 Pro TL.