Yesterday we drove 650km's across India from Pushkar to Chandigarh. I shot that first photo out the window of the car. It was on a freezing desert road buried in fog. That guy was just standing there on his own in the cold. The rest of the shots were taken in the small mountain town of Kasauli in North India. The second last shot is of a good man named Gisson Kumar's house and the last shot is of him and his family. He's a truck driver and his son is in year 4.


Below are some shots I took in Jaipur and Pushkar on my 7D. I also shot a few rolls of film but have not had a chance to get them processed yet. The first image is of the sky above Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur. The second image is of our driver and good friend Pawana Kumar - he is wearing the blue shirt. He has driven us over a 1000km's across India and has helped me convince a bunch of Indian people to let me take their photo - great guy. Third image is of a corner store in Jaipur near our hotel. The next two images are of some Rajasthani musicians that followed our camel out into the desert playing music for us. The last two images I shot in Pushkar markets. Tomorrow I'm heading up into the Himalayas.