Here's a short video portrait I directed, filmed and edited on my brother Mike McShane. I know I'm biased but Mike is one of the most talented / imaginative / inspiring / and just plain awesome people I've ever met and I'm so happy he is finally getting his work out there. The video was filmed over a few days earlier this year in Forster, NSW, Australia and was shot on a Canon 7D and a Canon 1014 Super 8 camera. All of the artworks are by Mike and if you like them you can check out more of his amazing work on his website or his facebook page. Hope you like the film!


I recently purchased this medium format camera: Mamiya PRO TL Standard Viewfinder Metered Prism Finder 2x 120 Film Backs 80mm 2.8 55mm 2.8 w/ leaf shutter Power Winder Grip Manual Winder I took it home to Forster to test it out and shot 1 roll of Ilford 400 Black and White, 1 roll of Portra 400 and 1 roll of Fuji 400H. Here's the results: